Microsoft Power BI – How to make best use of it in your company?

Microsoft Power BI, a simple and fast solution, will make your work with data easier. It is a solution which can immediately provide you with the most important information from your Microsoft Dynamics NAV or even an Excel table. But you can also use Microsoft Power BI as your personal configuration and visualisation tool.


• What is Power BI?
• How to start and what are the practical applications?
• Connecting to your Microsoft Dynamics NAV or other resources
• Reporting – an example of working with data and their visualisation
• An example of the Power BI application in AXIOM PROVIS Int.
• What is the price and what do we have for you?

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We follow the latest Digital Transformation trends and have decided to show you how Microsoft Power BI can make your work with data from not only Microsoft Dynamics NAV easier. There are many additional features available, but that’s only the beginning – do not hesitate and join our Live Meeting.