Strategic Plan of AXIOM PROVIS Int. for 2019-2021

The end of the year draws close which is why our teams from all branches once again gathered in Zlín to assess the events of recent months and evaluate our fulfilment of the 2019-2021 strategic plan.

One of the main points of the presentation was, without a doubt, our successful ISO 27001 certification. We are very proud of this achievement and thank our colleagues Katka and Jarda for a job well done. With this step, we have committed to establishing an information security policy. You can read its principles and goals HERE.

Strategický plán AXIOM PROVIS Int.
Strategický plán AXIOM PROVIS

We are also working hard on certifying our employees. At the moment of writing, 4 out of 10 scheduled certification processes are either underway or already completed. Since we firmly believe that this certification will help us ensure our employees attain a high level of professional knowledge, further certification will follow over the course of next year as well. Speaking of internal education, we also run training courses focused on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Some of our training sessions are also recorded and made available for you all. You can find them among the online courses on our education portal.

Last but not least, we were introduced to the plan for a new model for project management, which will combine Waterfall and Agile methodologies to achieve better flexibility during implementation.

The day concluded with a Christmas party, this time with a flower theme. We would once again like to thank all our colleagues who participate in the individual projects mentioned above and work hard to move our company forward. We sincerely hope that all the internal steps and reactions to the ongoing digital transformation will lead to greater satisfaction for you, our customers and our partners.