On 9th – 11th October 2019, our colleagues Petr and Roman took part in the Directions EMEA conference in Vienna. It is the largest conference of Microsoft partners, this year gathering over 2 300 attendees from more than 50 world countries.

Konference EMEA 2019
Konference EMEA 2019

Thanks to Directions EMEA, Microsoft partners have the opportunity to meet in person, share their experience and learn more about the future direction of enterprise resource planning application Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, and other Microsoft products in general. The participants in the conference represent various professions – from technical experts to consultants to sales representatives. This make-up ensures diversity which aids in finding new opportunities.

The conference was full of seminars and workshops focused on digital transformation, pricing policy of the Business Central system, its new development environment and tools facilitating migration and deployment on the user’s end.

Petr Smělý, senior consultant

``The conference was highly beneficial, in particular thanks to the opportunity to meet with other partners we ourselves cooperate with. I especially enjoyed the panel discussion, where we could interactively participate and learn other participants' opinions on any given topic. I also appreciated the demonstration of using IoT in practice and I was delighted to learn that the lighting for this grand event was arranged by one of our customers – ROBE lighting s.r.o.“

Roman Slovák, product department manager

``Thanks to the interesting programme of the conference, I acquired knowledge we will use for new development in AL in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. In connection with this, we also held a discussion on the topic of how to correctly prepare new development methodology, since we will need to create one in our company as well. I also expanded my knowledge of SQL server performance tuning.``