DAF Trucks CZ has implemented a new version of incadea.dms 7.2

DAF Trucks CZ provides not only the sale of new and used DAF vehicles and sale of spare parts but also associated services. It ensures that DAF vehicles are safe and reliable under all circumstances, which requires great people and a reliable information system.


In order to improve processes, DAF Trucks CZ, s.r.o. has decided to implement the latest version of the incadea.dms 7.2. system for dealers and servicing of trucks, which the company has already been using for several years. This also opens up new opportunities for the company regarding the use of the system.

As the first company in the Czech Republic, DAF Trucks CZ, s.r.o. migrated from the incadea.engine system to incadea.dms 7.2., the latest version of the DMS system.

Thanks to the cooperation of both teams from DAF Trucks CZ and AXIOM PROVIS Int., the implementation was conducted in due time and the Go-Live system was launched on 5 November 2018.