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incadea is a leading provider of enterprise software solutions and services to the global automotive retail and wholesale market.

With a proven industry focus and expertise, incadea is the vendor of choice for car manufacturers and their dealer networks around the world.

incadea successfully supports all key business processes in the automotive industry and provides tools to drive efficiency and effectiveness. incadea solutions are the result of continuous investment and development, incorporating valuable feedback from customers and partners around the world.

incadea Gold Certified Partner 2020

The automotive industry is a complex and demanding business environment facing unprecedented challenges.
From globalization and economic uncertainty to increasing consumer demands, these challenges often stand in the way of growth. Success in this market requires intense focus on responding rapidly to market opportunities, improving performance and productivity, while reducing costs and inefficiencies.

Interesting tips

incadea.dms – the Comprehensive Dealer Management Solution:
  • One fully integrated solution. Extensive and customizable to meet your dealership’s needs
  • Powered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 with cutting edge functionalities and familiar visual user interface
  • Customized work world experience through the role-tailored client, RTC
  • One workplace for each dealership associate. Twenty-one preconfigured automotive roles available
  • Supports complex scenarios for multi-currency, multi-branch, multi-language, difference makes etc
  • Automation and optimization features available increasing productivity and collaboration (barcodes, notifications etc)
  • Central hub for all your customer information (incl. sales, marketing and customer service) through the relationship management tool
  • Advanced Analytics and reporting tools help you monitor and analyze real time KPIs and data
  • Enables you to manage key areas of your dealership on the go via incadea mobile apps
  • Cloud enabled. No additional hardware investments


The service area in incadea.dms includes insights and tools for all service functions to enable informed decision-making, increased productivity and a superior customer experience. Key functionality allows you to capture more appointments with improved scheduling; eliminate overbooking and under booking to maximize utilization and mechanics’ productivity. Generate additional service income by recapturing declined service quotes and Reduce customer wait times.


Key functionality in the Parts area can enable you improve stock control, focus on sales and customer experience. Experience real-time visibility into inventory levels, sales performance and parts availability. Focus on maintaining optimal inventory levels, organized by brand and selected to meet customer demand.


incadea.dms includes a comprehensive vehicle management module that enables you to control the vehicle lifecycle from acquisition to sales, to achieve higher profit through incentives for higher margin vehicles, and to reduce your costs with the help of inventory cost control. With the functionality included in the Vehicle area, you are able to drive growth through faster and consistent sales execution, facilitating follow-ups and closing more sales.


The area of Relationship Management focuses on four different elements: Lead Management, Contact Management, Opportunity Management and Campaign segmentation.

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