Introduction of Calculation Engine for Leasing and Credit Companies

We would like to invite you to another Live Meeting where we will introduce to you a new calculation engine for leasing and credit companies.

The calculation engine called OneCore Business Portal serves as an internal tool for preparing quotations for various types of financing and various subject categories.

Thanks to OneCore Business Portal, you can very easily create indicative financial calculations for your clients based on their requests, including complete insurance and additional services. You can then send the quotation to the client via e-mail in PDF form within a few minutes.

OneCore Business Portal is a certified solution whose wide suite of functions allows it to cover all processes in the financial and leasing sector such as fleet management, operating and finance leasing and more.

Come hear about how this online calculator solution can speed up and simplify your work when creating quotations for customers.

Thursday 19.3. 2020 | 10:00 – 10:30 | Live Meeting


  • The showcase of creating calculations for individual types of financing
  • Saving of calculation history
  • Multicalculation – option to calculate up to 9 quotations at the same time
  • Option to interconnect with external systems and OneCore