Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a compact tools platform for business collaboration, working with documents and information, providing advanced tools for related infrastructure administration, high flexibility. Additionally, it offers business’ applications development with or without coding.

Microsoft SharePoint works as an intranet for your business where you save and share all internal documents and files. These documents are available to employees, who are able to view (even more users at once) and edit them. All documents are available to all users all the time and workflow never stops. Microsoft SharePoint enables to set up access rights to individual users and in that way protect those documents from users who are not supposed to see them. Ensure collaboration between employees, suppliers and sub-suppliers through synoptic portal which is accessible for everyone who seeks information for his task completion. With selected search functions you find requested information quickly and easily. Thanks to ?version control? functionality you are able to see, who and when edited the document last..

All information at one place

All information and documents, which are saved in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics CRM business solutions are easily integrated in Microsoft SharePoint. This setup enables whole work team to recognize interconnectivity and source division resulting from Microsoft Dynamics NAV or individual results, which originated pursuant to Microsoft Dynamics CRM marketing activities. With Microsoft SharePoint you bring all the information from various sources inside your business on place, where you can browse, share and edit them along with all employees.


  • Usage of social networks
  • Sharing of your content
  • Mobile SharePoint


  • Effective project management
  • Team members constant interconnection
  • Document saving and synchronization


  • Finding experts
  • Get deeper insight and find answers
  • Find requested information


  • Cost management
  • Risk management
  • Time mamangement


  • Building applications in Cloud
  • Publishing applications in SharePoint Store
  • Building attractive websites


  • Mobile app SharePoint provides you with SharePoint informational channel easy access and interaction