New Product Introduction: air&me for Dynamics

On Wednesday 5 June 2019, the new product air&me for Dynamics was presented in the headquarters of Microsoft Praha. We invited our existing and potential clients to this event so that we could explain them in more detail the functions and benefits of the marketing platform, which is based on these main pillars:

  • Loyalty system
  • Customer zone
  • Media portal
  • Questionnaire system
  • E-commerce solutions (B2C, B2B, B2B2C)
Meeting air&me with customer
Meeting air&me with customer

air&me for Dynamics is an intelligent marketing web application that can be connected to your Microsoft Dynamics or another ERP system to create a client zone. Your business partners can thus find all information in one place. The system also allows to execute marketing campaigns, send personalised questionnaires and connect to your e-shop or ordering system.

We are happy to share further information on air&me for Dynamics on the product site or in the following video.