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Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and a vertical leasing solution OneCore

Leasing Slovenskej Sporiteľne (JSC) bet on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and vertical leasing and financial solution – OneCore from AXIOM PROVIS Int. to deliver a solution for today and the future.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides Leasing Slovenskej Sporiteľne with the ability to react quickly to the market needs in the sphere of operative leasing.

Leasing Slovenskej Sporitelňe se rozhodla pro Microsoft Dynamics NAV společně s oborovým řešením OneCore jako svůj hlavní ekonomický informační systém.

Initial state

Leasing Slovenskej Sporiteľne, a joint-stock company partnership in Slovakia, a member of the financial group Slovenskej Sporiteľne and Erste Group Bank, deals mainly with the provision of financial leasing for cars, utility vehicles, trucks and other transportation equipment, machinery and technology.

Their historical operative leasing system, which comprised a number of disparate solutions (e.g. MARK, Microsoft Excel etc.), was replaced by Microsoft Dynamics NAV and OneCore, the vertical add-on solution by AXIOM PPROVIS Int. Together Microsoft Dynamics NAV and OneCore ensure that the medium and long-term business strategies of Leasing Slovenskej Sportitel’ne are catered for, a key deciding factor in their selection process.

Business Needs

Leasing Slovenskej Sportitel’ne needed a solution that could dramatically improve the reliability and speed of information processing. At the core, they wanted to drive improved awareness throughout the business and give people the information they needed to make the right decisions at the right time, in order to drive efficiency. Through enhanced reporting, management aimed to reach higher efficiencies across all business areas from strategy to operations, providing them with the ability and flexibility to react quickly to current market situations, thereby lowering costs and increasing income.

Key to the business was a centralized and fully integrated solution, providing a single platform for the future. The company required the implementation of functionality to cater for key business processes such as operative leasing and finances. In addition to this, Leasing Slovenskej Sportitel’ne needed a system that could provide a base from which to grow, catering to their dynamic development strategies.

Key functional requirements included:

  • In defined intervals to secure information about the current state of leasing contracts, subject of the leasing, sales and marketing campaigns with the following possibility to evaluate their efficiency. To have a possibility to evaluate the efficiency of sale to particular customers.
  • Multi-currency
  • Financial and accounting data integration with other ERP systems within the Erste Bank Group
  • A fully integrated and Microsoft approved Operating Leasing module
  • Pervasive interoperability with Microsoft business applications and IT infrastructure

Central to the decision to implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV and OneCore, was the fully integrated operative leasing module, which provides Leasing Slovenskej Sportitel’ne with the ability to process information from one single source and centralised ERP solution.


Leasing Slovenskej Sportitel’ne evaluated multiple options before deciding to work with AXIOM PROVIS Int., a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. AXIOM PROVIS Int. undertook the full implementation of Microsoft Dynamic NAV and their vertical solution OneCore, as well as other supporting technologies. The end-to-end industry-specific solution supports all business processes related to operative leasing, including financing, insurance and customer service. Further to this, the solution is already geared to support financial leasing and loans.

Key to the success of the implementation was the careful evaluation of existing business processes in relation to the proposed solution and the subsequent thorough approval process with regards to any modifications of the standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV and OneCore solution.

OneCore successfully meets the following leasing requirements of Leasing Slovenskej sportitel’ne:

Leasing contracts – one of the basic system requirements for any leasing company is the ability to provide tracking and confirmation of leasing contracts. OneCore provides contract cards that serve as a repository for all data related to a specific contract.

Leasing calculations – the solution allows for the dynamic proposal creation to cater to customer requirements in leasing contracts.

Properties – properties are registered in Microsoft Dynamics NAV with data fields that are characteristic for leading company properties. Depreciation books and service tracks are linked to the properties.

Reminders and penalties – Notes are automatically included with customer statements during the customer statement run process.

Dimensions – the system uses Microsoft Dynamics NAV dimensions that enable user’s higher flexibility when analyzing data in detail.

Multiple currencies – the system allows for the use of multiple currencies. Foreign currency transactions are translated into local currency using system stored exchange rates.

Insurance contracts – information regarding leasing contract titles, rates and payment details can be tracked in the solution.

Insurance events – the system records insurance events. Events cannot be closed until all the obligations as per the event have been met.

Vehicle sales – the solution caters for the marketing of vehicle sales and leasing with special or specific offerings.

Following the Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Methodology, AXIOM PROVIS Int. successfully implemented the full Microsoft Dynamics NAV and OneCore solution in 5 months, with the project go-live taking place at the end of May 2009.


The benefits of the end-to-end industry solution were immediate with the most noticeable contribution to the business being that of a single unified view of data, a revelation after many years of reporting from numerous disparate systems. In addition to this, the ability to view data online provided a practical means of monitoring client payments which resulted in a reduction in claims.

Other benefits include:

  • A single unified view of real-time data provided improved reporting and enabled better decision making.
  • The take-on of lease residual values and service costs by direct integration with specialized external software.
  • The automated import of catalogue car cards (the subject of leasing) directly in the system without any user intervention.
  • Business, financial and accounting functions are integrated into one system on a real-time basis.
  • Dynamic system parameters enable system changes in order to meet business process requirement changes.
  • Greater collaboration between departments throughout the entire business.
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV delivers high operating reliability and security of data. Functionality conforms to EU requirements.

Products and Technologies

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2
  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Microsoft SQL 2008
  • Microsoft Office 2003, 2007
  • Microsoft SQL 2008 Reporting Services
  • Microsoft SQL 2008 Analysis Services
  • Vertical leasing solution OneCore for Microsoft Dynamics NAV