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Dealership, where you find anything

Harley-Davidson microsoft dynamics navHarley-Davidson dealership in Prague Šalamounka offers anything, that dealer of this brand has to offer. There is motorcycle sale (including custom, personalized bikes), clothes shop and Harley-Davidson accessories, after-sales service, motorcycle rental with complete actual portfolio of this brand, used motorcycles sale, sale of spare parts and accessories on motorcycles and last but not least even a restaurant with a terrace, in which meeting of Harley Owners Group members – community, which is integral part of the image of Harley-Davidson for years, often takes place. Harley-Davidson Prague offers even some specialities. Its customers gain after their first purchase a bonus card, thanks to which they can add a financial bonus to their bonus account for every purchase they make. Resources from this account are possible to be used on a purchase of any services or goods in H-D Prague. Moreover, Prague dealership prepared special service program called characteristically Ride Hard. This one offers to people, who ride their bike a lot, advantageous rates for service. Speciality of Prague dealership, which is not really common in Europe, is Harley-Davidson Express Lane Service. It is a service, that allows customer to arrive at service without previous ordering, if he needs a common treat or minor repair taking cca an hour. Prague dealership was actually the first in Europe, which this relatively common service in the United States brought here.

Former system was not flexible

Company Klasik Moto used local corporate informational system for years, which covered all of its former activities. Only while customer´s needs changed, changed the firm itself. To make all function as it had to, it was naturally in need to put these news into informational system itself. And here a problem emerged. When reimplementation of former system was scheduled, it resulted from analysis, that most of improvements cannot be made, are too complex or existing supplier was too lazy to do anyhing about it. So Klasik Moto started to look for another system, which would be able to cover all of its needs and be flexible enought at the same time.

New system was sold thanks to helpfulness of a partner

During presentations of various informational systems, one from AXIOM PROVIS Int. was the one Klasik Moto was amazed with. AXIOM PROVIS Int. came with Microsoft Dynamics NAV enhanced by their own module ABS DMS made especially for car brand dealers. Firm also suggested, that they will adjust this module specially to suit needs of Prague Harley-Davidson dealership in certain ways, such as to reflect all of its actual requirements and to be able to be connected to systems used by Harley-Davidson Company. One of them is for instance H-D Snap On, which is being used to order spare parts on motorcycles. The partner also offered to a firm runnig of the whole system in a form of a host service, when the whole maintenance of hardware and software is undertaken by partner through remote administration tool and the firm only uses it. Just this presentation of the partner and its system, which offered pretty much everything the firm needed, resulted in approval of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

System was fitted to suit the firms´ needs

AXIOM PROVIS Int. gradually with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and their industry solution covered all processes in the firm. Prague Harley-Davidson dealership has number of differences against car dealers. For instance there is a special stock, that is used for spare parts and clothes sale outside the firm, for example on biker meetings and other events for bikers. Other deviation is higher mentioned complex loyalty program using customer cards with barcode. System was also enhanced by automatic customer informing on completing service contract through SMS, by system for calculation of wages of service technicians and many more.

Dynamics NAV covered all processes in the firm

Microsoft Dynamics NAV did thanks to adjustements done cover all processes in company. While Prague Harley-Davidson dealership offers all services, that this brand´s dealer has to offer, it offers even a few little improvements, mostly in area of customer care. System covers all at once – stock, sales, rental, finances, spare parts orders and service, including above mentioned program Ride Hard, with which Prague dealership came.

System helps to improve effectivity of service

Especially in service brought Microsoft Dynamics NAV lots of changes. System now precisely measures effectivity of service and individual service technicians, even length of time single service contract took. Technician before accepting service contract confirms its takeover right in the system and can start working on it. Once he finishes the job, again he confirms end of his work. On base of this data then runs accurate customer billing for contracts done. System on base of evaluation of these data counts variable component of wage for each employee. Technicians are in that way motivated to do their job effectively and properly simultaneously. If anything goes wrong and it is technician´s fault and it needs to be rebuilt, time spend by additional repairs counts to technician as work for free and worker´s variable component of wage decreases.

New system brings even other functions

So Microsoft Dynamics NAV was able to cover all processes in the company including specific requirements, with which you won´t come across during selling other motorcycles or even in other Harley-Davidson dealerships. Company also planes bringing additional functions to its customers, which the system will be covering. There is going to be for example an e-shop with clothes and other news in customer care. For that company considered usage of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which would be connected with already existing Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Prague Harley-Davidson dealership holds number of actions for its customers every year, such as Open Days, leave-taking with season the Last Mile or Ladies Night, during which are CRM and customer, being in the middle of all attention, needed the most. Huge benefit is also usage of OLAP cubes in Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 over Microsoft Dynamics NAV data. This offers new summary overlooks on data and enables immediate summary of all actions in firm from various views. Results from OLAP are being used by all key users for their work, who still have clear motivation to put the data into the system correctly and on time.

Jaroslav Vavřina: „If the purchase will be a good experience, customer will come again.“

Prague dealership of legendary american motorcycles Harley–Davidson is a place, where customer is in the exact point of interest. And even so much, that for customers there is not only a store, a service, rental etc., moreover, there is company´s own restaurant with terrace, where you can see number of customers chatting and having a great time during summer. On how business looks, where sellers are friendly with customers and can grab a couple of beers anytime, we asked Jaroslav Vavřina, manager of Klasik Moto company, Prague Harley-Davidson dealer.

What relationships are between seller and customer in your business?

Various, such as people, who come to us are. From guys, who have been saving up for more than ten years, since their childhood, for their dream machine. Over man, who rode Jawas twenty years ago and now their kids are grown up and they want to get back to it. Ending with managers, who first saw Harley for the first time, when it burbled right infront of their noses as they were having lunch on “Pařížská“. From time to time arrives someone, who spend the whole midday in a traffic jam on Jižní spojka and envied bikers they could go pass them. And very often come people, who got their “recommendation“ from their friends, husband or colleague, who ride already. And only thing, that connects these people, is relationship to our brand or their will to create it. Basic on which we build, is that we never let ourselfs confuse by first impression. There is no such thing as clothes, speech or any other sign, which would give us a clue, that new customer just went through the door or if it is just someone, who came to buy a t-shirt for his colleague as a gift. On the other hand you need just a few weeks to safely recognize if a man became a Harley–Davidson lunatic or not. And it is still said, that there is no such brand, that would more customers have tattooed on their body somewhere…

Why is personal contact with customer so important to You? Is this relation anyhow influenced by the fact that you get on well with your customers?

Most people come to enjoy the shopping. It is an event for them. Result of picking, examining and convincing themselfs and even their families process, that it is a good idea. And our principle is to support that experience. Because if the purchase will be a good experience, customer will come again. Every t-shirt, sticker or a cup sale is an information for us, that once it could be a motorcycle. And a purchase of the first, new motorcycle is just a half of average investment, because there is clothes and riding gear, clothing for spare time and mainly upgrading and “accessorizing“ the bike coming. And two years tops after their first motorcycle, swapping or “recommending“ to someone in rider´s proximity is very often. Therefore we won´t offer you twice as expensive bike, even when you stare at it dreamily, if we are not hundred percent sure, that you will enjoy riding it. We won´t stuff you in a jacket, which doesn´t fit you properly, just because we would risk, that you would buy it somewhere else. And we won´t sell you a shirt from our newest collection “Pink Collection“ as a present for your wife, when we know, that she never ever wore anything else than black. And getting know each other? It isn´t automatic, but when you discuss something you both like, it is not a problem.

Do you think, that your customers have higher demands, than let´s say, on their car dealer? And why? Why do you think, that your relationship with customers is so different from what relationship they have with their car dealer?

I would´t say that our customer´s demands are higher or lower. Those demands are distinct. Range of our products is far more wider than at a classic car dealer. H-D Prague is a fullservice dealership, which provides widest possible range of products and services of Harley-Davidson brand. So apart from new and used bikes we have authorized rental Harley Rentals. We offer classic service, but we also can tune up your power, polish your machine, adjust it for long trips or rebuild it entirely. As first in Europe we started the Express Lane service – fast service without previous ordering. To do that we use not only more than 60 thousand items, original parts and accessories, but also another hundreds of thousands of items from aftermarket. And this is just the beginning. Followed by functional clothing, riding equipment and free time clothing. Than we got collector´s stuff and at last everything, you can imagine, from dog collar up to bowling ball… This naturally increases contact frequency with customer, which influences relationship with him. But mainly, and this is the most vital, we don´t sell a machine, service or goods. By us everything is focused on riding, thus the result, to which most of purchases are leading. If we are able to look on customer´s wishes not from the point of the product itself but its function, than originates the vital distinction even in the relation to the customer.

Would you mind zooming in a little on a concept of Harley Owners Group? What influence does HOG have on strengthening relations between customer and raising sales?

HOG is one of the most genious marketing tools at all. Nowadays it has more than 1,5 million members worldwide. Member becomes every new owner of a new motorcycle for a year. And that helps us realize above mentioned idea of providing experience from ride. Without HOG and its Chapters, local clubs founded by every dealer, it would be just another empty firm vision, mission, positioning. We, on the other hand, to a new customer, who just bought his first motorcycle, present and offer a place in community, in our case of 180, same “addicted“ people. And there we got, out of the open, many opportunities, where to go every week. Gain experience, get inspired and as time goes by pass these knowledge to others.

And if you think to yourself, why do you right now read in this magazine about Harley–Davidson?

They say, that they would print it even withou that (laugh), but in H-D Prague was thought, a year ago, to change IS. Reason was far more simpler than the route to solution. What is mentioned above is, apart from top personnel, products and so on, requiring a real realationship management with customers. If there is anything to manage and you know how, than it is a lot more easier and effective to have something more than a filing cabinet. And we have reached the limit of the former IS. Therefore we were searching for a solution, that would be capable enough in CRM, but simultaneously solve all our needs complexly. And here came Microsoft Dynamics NAV with ABS solution from AXIOM PROVIS Int.. In March we commenced full operation, in summer went through “death valley“ a before we could even get to CRM module, Microsoft pulled off their biggest caliber – Dynamics CRM. This one we are implementing right now. And because we know, what to expect from the software, we know we made our best pick… By the way, director of AXIOM PROVIS Int. we work with and who introduced himself here a year ago, as a sworn enemy to motorcycles, haven´t got down from his bike from summer, when he bought one here.