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An international company Selecta AS has decided to implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV in the Czech and Slovak Republic, and Finland to unify Enterprise Resource Planning system within whole Selecta Group. This case study describes the implementation and solution provided by AXIOM PROVIS Int.

AXIOM PROVIS Int. se stal globálním partnerem Selecta skupinu a dokončil implementaci Microsoft Dynamics NAV(dříve Navision) v České a Slovenské republice.


Selecta as the biggest European provider of vending products and services, operating in 21 countries with 250 subsidiaries and amount of 4 500 employees, decided to unify an enterprise resource planning solution within the whole company. Microsoft Dynamics NAV was selected as an ideal solution based on positive experiences some of the subsidiaries within the company. The most suitable and logical way was to continue in this trend and implement one ERP solution and make all process easier and more transparent. AXIOM PROVIS Int. took the implementation over from another Microsoft Partner and became a global partner of Selecta Group and finished the implementation in the Czech and Slovak Republic. Simultaneously, one of the most important goals was fulfilled – a creation of a Global Selecta Template (GST). This template works as a unique pattern which has to be used together with any implementation or software’s settings within the group. The template was already used in Selecta Finland where the implementation was already fully covered by AXIOM PROVIS Int.

Business goals

The main goal of the whole implementation was to unify an enterprise resource planning solution inside the company. Microsoft Dynamics NAV was chosen as the most suitable solution which fully supports all areas of the business and can be used in all countries and subsidiaries of Selecta Group. Selecta had already some experiences with this ERP system and based all the fact on it.

Another business goal was to unify functionalities of systems of individual countries within Selecta Group in order to make the communication inside the company easier, more transparent and open. There was no need to unify versions of all ERP solution but ensure a full coherence of inter-company communication processes. Based on this fact AXIOM PROVIS Int. created a template solution which describes all the important settings and functionalities of an ERP solution. By using this template which is currently called the Global Selecta template is ensured that all the countries will use the global system independently on their version of a company software solution. The Global Selecta template (GST) will be used together with every implementation and setting of an ERP solution within Selecta Group.


Selecta bet on Microsoft Dynamics products from Microsoft. Enterprise resource planning system, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, is a core of the overall centralized solution and covers all business processes, with the exception of human resources and payroll functionality.

A Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers a comprehensive business solution covering the full spectrum of business management. Further to this, there is a clear vision of software’s roadmap until the year 2017 and Microsoft also guarantees the support of each version for a minimum 10 years from the initial release date.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution is designed as a modular and completely integrated system which is highly configurable to customer requirements and is easy to use and maintain.

Supported by a rich reporting and analytics offering, Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables shortened decision making time frames with its open interface and extensive application functionality. All modules (finance, purchase, sales etc.) are a part of one database and provides accounting and finance solutions to help you track and analyze your business information. With end-to-end integration, you can efficiently manage your general ledger, payables, receivables, inventory, analytical accounting, fixed assets, and cash flow.

A coherence and uniformity of the whole system were ensured by the creation of the Global Selecta template (GST) which contains functionalities designed directly for Selecta Group. These functionalities are designed exactly according to the business area of the company. The Global Selecta template significantly speeds up any implementation process or upgrade of Microsoft Dynamics NAV in other countries where Selecta Group is located.

AXIOM PROVIS Int. has become a global partner of whole Selecta Group and covers all implementations and maintenance works as well as follows the Global Selecta template (GST).


  • Unification of the ERP solution within Selecta Group
  • Maintaining a global partner for Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Creation of a Global Selecta template (GST) which significantly simplifies and accelerates implementations in other countries / subsidiaries

Products and technologies

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009R2
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008R2
  • Business Intelligence solution BI4NAV

„Microsoft Dynamics NAV is very well known solution for our company. That is why we decided to continue with this trend and implement the solution in other countries of Selecta Group. But the biggest goal was to unify the system in terms of settings, communication, transparency etc. This was ensured by the creation of the Global Selecta template.“