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Implementation of OneCore and Microsoft Dynamics NAV, an end-to-end leasing solution, at UniCredit Leasing Slovakia, a.s.

The UniCredit Leasing Slovakia, a.s. the solution is based on Microsoft products and technology. Enterprise resource planning system, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, is the core of the overall centralized solution and covers all business processes, with the exception of human resources and payroll functionality. As a leasing software was used OneCore which is a vertical leasing solution for Microsoft Dynamics.

The previous solution used by UniCredit, although having served its purpose for many years was a proprietary system built on outdated technology, and, the organization relied on a key individual to support the system. This solution was integrated into 14 other process-specific systems, which became difficult to maintain and manage. The customer decided to find a new solution built on modern technology, which would be simpler to maintain with a clear strategy and easy-to-apply upgrade path. According to these criteria, Microsoft was chosen as the most suitable vendor.

The previous system used by UniCredit supported the following processes:

  • accounting, financial leasing, salaries
  • operational leasing and services, fleet management
  • loans
  • credits
  • communication with insurance agencies
  • financial statements
  • collection of data
  • archive
  • creation of contracts
  • net financing of cars
  • transactional trail and calculations of insurance commissions
  • commissions
  • IFRS and BASEL reporting

These processes were delivered by 14 disparate systems. Microsoft products replaced these 14 systems with an integrated solution made up of the following products:

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning system that offers end-to-end management of business processes, including financial, supply chain, customer relationship management, and electronic commerce. The system offers analytics and easy-to-use reporting. Microsoft solutions are supported by a global network of partners ensuring extensive skills availability for the ongoing support of the product.

OneCore is a vertical solution which is certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and covers the area of leasing (financial and operative leasing), credits and loans, instalment sales and other financial services. The fully-integrated OneCore solution is built within Microsoft Dynamics NAV and offers a best-of-breed vertical enhancement to Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a global customer relationship management (CRM) system and communication platform for the front office management of customers.

Microsoft Office SharePoint is a standardized system of document management (Document management system – DMS) which can be easily connected with other products (including NAV, CRM and Business Intelligence).

Business goals

The customer needed a solution which met current business needs as delivered by the previous systems, and a solution which could be easily integrated to third-party-systems and customized easily to deliver on any business-specific needs. A critical success factor was that the new solution would provide a higher level of process automation and be agile to support the changing needs of the industry and business. At the same time, the solution would be easy to maintain going forward and provide a lower cost of ownership. As a basis, the product would feature scalability, modularity, system openness and an ability to use standard communication and integration tools, for example, web service. These requirements underpinned a need for the organization to support competitive growth, reduce operational costs of the system and drive a higher return on investment in the purchase and ongoing maintenance of the system.


The UniCredit Leasing Slovakia, a.s. the solution is based on Microsoft products and technology. Enterprise resource planning system, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, is the core of the overall centralized solution and covers all business processes, with the exception of human resources and payroll functionality.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers a comprehensive business solution covering the full spectrum of business management. Further to this, there is a clear vision of software’s roadmap until the year 2017 and Microsoft also guarantees the support of each version for a minimum 10 years from the initial release date.

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution is designed as a modular and completely integrated system which is highly configurable to customer requirements and is easy to use and maintain.

Supported by a rich reporting and analytics offering, Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables shortened decision making time frames with its open interface and extensive application functionality. All modules (finance, purchase, sales etc.) are a part of one database and provide accounting and finance solutions to help you track and analyze your business information. With end-to-end integration, you can efficiently manage your general ledger, payables, receivables, inventory, analytical accounting, fixed assets, and cash flow, in addition to performing bank reconciliations and collections. You can even manage your financial processes across multiple currencies, locations, or companies.

Leasing requirements, (including financial and operational leasing), credits and loans, and other financial services’ needs are met by OneCore, a Microsoft-certified solution, which integrates to Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

This solution is the only leasing solution in the world that has been certified by the highest certificate VeriTest with a status CfMD (Certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV). The system ensures support of industry-specific processes for leasing and credit companies supporting the full lifecycle from quote calculation to finalizing leasing or credit contracts. OneCore is fully integrated within Microsoft Dynamics NAV and has a consistent user interface. The solution seamlessly integrates between modules and provides a framework for integration with other Microsoft solutions (SharePoint Services, Portal etc.), as well as third-party products.

The base modules of OneCore include:

  • Financial leasing
  • Operational leasing
  • Loans
  • Instalment sale – Funding

Another important part of the solution is Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which replaced the original system in the support of front-office functions. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a global solution supporting customer relationship management (CRM), including the provision of a communication platform for front office management.

Microsoft Office SharePoint provides customers with the powerful functions of SharePoint server without any other related costs connected with the management of infrastructure. SharePoint is a standardized system for document management (DMS) which works in correlation with other implemented products (Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics CRM etc.). The company gains control over all processes necessary to maintain internal regulatory control with flexible system settings.


The previous 14 systems used in the company were reduced to 3 integrated systems. This solution has resulted in better transparency of the business system infrastructure and easier management. A technologically unified platform increased the security and stability of the core enterprise resource planning system. The customer gained a clearer structure of data and a new tool for a data assessment in the form of a data warehouse (DWH) within the implemented solution.

Products used during the implementation in UniCredit Leasing SK:

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Certified solution OneCore for Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server
  • Microsoft Windows Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server

“We were considering several possibilities but finally the decision to implement Microsoft Dynamics products and the certified solution OneCore for Microsoft Dynamics NAV was the right choice for us. We received a fully integrated system covering all aspects of our business. Our processes became more effective and transparent thanks to the decrease in the number of systems we were required to manage.”

Jan Grujbár, COO, UniCredit Leasing Slovakia, a.s.