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Microsoft Dynamics NAV helped the company Vitakraft Chovex, Ltd. to make the sale more efficient

Thanks to the use of Microsoft Dynamics NAV information system the company Vitakraft Chovex Ltd. is able to react more quickly to customers’ requirements via off-line Order application.

Vitakraft microsoft dynamics nav and onecore

The company Vitakraft Chovex Ltd. is interested in the production and sale of wide range of breeding needs and food for animals. It offers various products destined for dogs, cats, aquarium fish, rodents and birds breeding. It also runs fish growing room. The headquarters of the company is in Germany and its subsidiaries operate worldwide including the USA and Asia. Complex care of customers was the fist impulse to implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV business solution. The company Vitakraft Chovex was interested in enlargement of business activities and making the business activities more efficient and improving the quality of business and logistic processes in a complex way.

Originally the company used yet unsuitable economic system that did not fulfill the requirements of dealers. The system also did not enable the management a quality reporting.

Business aims

During the business solution implementation the company Vitakraft Chovex posed an aim to receive a central and integrated information system that will also support dealers’ sale among others. Besides basic functional requirements that were given by key business processes the company was interested in the use of the following modules:

  • Finances
  • Purchase and Sale
  • Stock control
  • Production

Further on the information system should fulfill the requirements to secure the strategy of dynamic development of the company. There were especially these requirements:

  • Possibility to implement more legislative layers
  • Support of dealers’ sales activities directly in the terrain
  • Easy and intuitive operation
  • Detailed search through whole system

Primary aim of the new Microsoft Dynamics NAV business solution implementation was a consolidation of processes information support into one central business information system.


The company AXIOM PROVIS Int. took the implementation in the company Vitakraft Chovex as the implementation of business solution for the support of all business processes. Module sale that was enlarged by the application of Off-line order was specially modified for the company Vitakraft Chovex. The application Off-line order was created for Vitacraft Chovex directly according to their specific requirements. The application enables the user to download data from Microsoft Dynamics NAV which means customers, ship-to addresses, goods, prices and stock statuses. On the basis of this application the dealers are able to issue orders for customers at any place and time. Further on at the end of the day the dealers will hand over all information about orders back to Microsoft Dynamics NAV information system.

Within Microsoft Dynamics NAV information system the Czech and Slovak company is conducted in one common database. During the goods sale from the Czech to Slovak company details for invoicing are created in the Czech company and they are automatically transmitted to the Slovak company where the accountants charge them after a control. By this the process of orders and following invoicing in the system were significantly simplified and accelerated.

The company Vitakraft Chovex then in another development phase plans the automation of stocks by the help of mobile scanners with on-line connection to Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Project phases:

First phase “Analysis of the proposal of business and financial processes solution, analysis of data migration” – definition and revision of the finance sphere and all customer’s business processes took place during two weeks

Second phase “Development, internal testing of customer modifications, documentation preparation, training and test data migration” – after first phase approval the development of customer modifications of information system was started according to requirements resulting from the analysis. Then modifications testing and documentation preparation for customer took place. Workers’ training and test data migration followed. Second phase was carried out in November and December 2009.

Third phase “Routine operation” – routine operation was successfully started in January 2010.

Fourth phase “Accounts data transmission” – after the successful start of the system accounts data transmission was carried out from the original economic system by request of the customer.


The use of new Microsoft Dynamics NAV IS helps the company to reach main strategic aim. Other contributions are:

  • Unification of the system to one homogenous Microsoft Dynamics NAV application. Database consists of all Vitakraft holding companies in the Czech and Slovak republics including support of legislative requirements in both countries. This step resulted in improvement of cooperation of particular departments through the company and also more efficient data flow and documents change between particular companies of the holding.
  • Off-line Order application is an important contribution for the company. This application brought the company big savings of time during dealers’ finding which amount of goods is in the stock. Now the dealers can access the data about customers, goods, stock reserves at any time and they can immediately decide during making out the order for customers. By return an automatic transmission of orders from dealers’ laptops to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV database is assured. Whole solution is conceived in a way that users could access the data without the need to connect to a computer net or to the Internet. Within this application the dealers realize approximately 40% of quantity of all orders.
  • Thanks to implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV business solution all users can view on-line or off-line to the system, therefore they have continuous overview of the goods in the stock. Dealers can decide more quickly during goods sale.
  • New system brought the company management the up-to-date reporting, monitoring of particular goods articles sale in real time and it enabled to file customers’ requirements to the best selling goods articles more easily to the production

Products and technologies:

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 SP1
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard Edition
  • Windows Server 2008 Standard
  • Microsoft Office 2007