Solutions support

Solutions support

Support for AXIOM PROVIS Int. solutions comes from our industry dedicated support team who pursue ambitious performance goals for customer satisfaction and the effectiveness of support delivery. Support coverage is flexible and depends on your business needs and requirements.

Solution support coverage

AXIOM PROVIS Int. solutions supportStandard coverageSLA coverage
Supported Microsoft Dynamics NAV versions
Service packs
Error fix
Solution documentation
Incidents monitoring
Solution hotline with advice and guidance
Guaranteed response time (to 8 service hours)
Support for incidents and issues at several severity levels
Flexible SLA levels

Our support managers monitor and track all support interactions and outcomes to drive faster, more effective results for all our customers, but you can also connect individuals with a support manager to review and improve the progress we make in resolving your support incidents. Some customers also take advantage of advisory hours that enable them to apply our expertise to any solution-related concern.

Solution support lifecycle

Our solutions are supported in compliance with mainstream support for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution described in the Microsoft Support Lifecycle Policy for customers who are current on a service plan. For more information related to Microsoft Support Lifecycle policies and product dates for all Microsoft Dynamics products, see the Support Lifecycle Page. For support lifecycle information for Microsoft Dynamics, in particular, see Microsoft Dynamics NAV Support Lifecycle Information./p>

Updates and releases policy

A platform hotfix is a single, cumulative package that includes one or more files that are used to address a problem in a product and are cumulative at the binary and file level. A hotfix corrects the problem and should only be applied to systems that are experiencing a specific problem.

A cumulative update is a tested, cumulative set of hotfixes that are packaged together for easy deployment.

Cumulative updates for OneCore or incadea.dms products includes all application and platform hotfixes and regulatory features that have been released for OneCore or incadea.dms products. The latest released cumulative update includes all previous cumulative updates. Therefore, you should always install the latest cumulative update. Cumulative updates are issued on a regular monthly basis.

Support and escalation contacts

Support contact information for customers:

Contact our support department with any questions and issues  

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

To search the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) go to our knowledge database  

Product roadmap

Our solutions are in full compliance and follow the Statement of Direction for the Microsoft Dynamics product NAV that our solution is built on. New versions of OneCore and incadea.dms solutions are issued every 6 months after the product has been placed on the market.

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