When it comes to our customers’ data, we leave nothing to chance.

We all know the most widespread method of securing systems, programmes, data and other sensitive information, which is currently without a doubt a combination of username and password, and that goes both for individual users and the majority of companies. But what is sufficient is rarely what is best, and because we want to offer you only the best in services and data security, we are one of the first companies on the market to have transitioned to comprehensive security and customer data access management via MFA. Don’t know what that is?

Then let us take a brief look at these three simple letters.

MFA means Multi-Factor Authentication, i.e. a method of access protection via multiple factors or pieces of evidence if you will, that are mutually independent of each other. Specifically, these factors are the knowledge factor (what the user knows) and possession factor (ownership of a payment card, mobile phone, HW token, etc.).

What does this mean for you in real life?

That is best explained by briefly comparing the current security methods. First, a bit of maths – the time for cracking a truly strong password (8 characters, upper case and lower case letters + numbers + special characters) by brute force is mathematically calculated to be approximately 800,000 years at 100 passwords per second. This number is determined by the number of combinations (3×1015) and seems truly astronomical, but in today’s age of supercomputers and shared processing power, the time for cracking such a password can be shortened greatly.

Another step for improving security is the so-called 2 Factor Authentication, which combines the password with the above-mentioned possession factor. This method drastically improves security, which is why we use it in AXIOM PROVIS Int.

Therefore, we protect your data as much as possible… And if you are looking for advice on how to achieve such level of security in your company, do not hesitate to turn to AXIOM PROVIS Int.